Featured on TV, radio, newspapers and the like, HIV+ escape artist Daniel Bauer is an internationally demanded youth and health care professional motivational speaker and entertainer who presents (and performs) to tens of thousands each year from coast to coast around the US and abroad.

Witty with just the right amount of splash and 'cool factor', Daniel Bauer has been deemed, by teenagers and health care professional across the globe, as their 'spirit animal'.  His endearing, yet powerful style empowers youth and health service providers to take greater control of their own lives both personally and professionally. Daniel Bauer simply connects and captivates. He delivers a life-long impression that inspires change and perception about HIV / AIDS.

Daniel recognizes that today's youth are just as (if not more) experimental when adults are not looking. The frightening statistics of growing HIV infections among young adults is proof enough. He has finessed a talking and Q/A style in which students relate and will always remember.

Today alone Daniel Bauer has already spoken and performed to tens of thousands of students and health care professionals. He has been featured on international radio, news articles, PTA newsletters, television and much more. He is also currently the spokesperson for the national online STD company, His  message continues to gain momentum, and educators (and health care professionals) are quickly learning that Daniel's speaking style is making a difference.

Young adults today are communicating more and more through social media: facebook, twitter, writing blogs and more. Face to face conversation about sex rarely happens today. . . and that is why Daniel's approach is working. . . because it is face to face; tackling the issue of HIV / AIDS and other STI's head on.

When Daniel is not speaking/performing all over planet earth, you can find him roaming around his home-base in New York City playing with piranha or working on his next big escape idea. Straitjackets, chains and shackles are a typical morning, coffee conversation these days!
"Adolescents are a tough audience to impress! Yet you were able to reach them and leave them with much to think about. We have all been deeply touched by your story."

- Ellen Devine, Youth Development Counselor
Staten Island Technical High School
All rights reserved 2013: Daniel Bauer